Who We Are

We are trial lawyers

While we actively counsel our clients on ways to resolve disputes before litigation begins, we believe that trial preparedness is the most effective means to achieve our clients’ goals.  Our objective is to resolve disputes as quickly and as efficiently as possible.  Our extensive trial experience, and devotion to what we do, facilitates just that.  We have tried cases involving corporate and corporate ownership disputes, fiduciary breaches, contract and insurance disputes, estate and insolvency related challenges, fraudulent transfers, property damage, investment fraud, professional malpractice, indemnification, intellectual property and trade secret claims, to name a few.

We deploy experienced trial teams 

Our principals have decades of experience trying complex matters in the federal and state courts, and before arbitral panels.  At the outset of case, we aim to deploy the right mix of attorneys and paralegals to try the case through conclusion. That often includes a principal as team leader, an e-discovery expert, an appellate specialist or economics trained counsel. Our trial team members take a hands-on approach towards the design and implementation of a strategic plan to maximize client objectives.

Our flexible fee arrangements

Our trial teams are client-focused problem-solvers and tireless advocates who think beyond simply legal tactics when protecting client interests.  Our teams design strategic plans focused on delivering superior quality and value added within clients’ stated objectives.  We view the terms of our engagements as an integral element of that effort.  Towards that end, we enter into multiple arrangements tailored to those plans and objectives, including hourly fee agreements, fixed fee agreements, some combination of either with a success-oriented component, and straight contingency fee agreements, in consultation with our clients.  We design and align each fee agreement to our clients’ goals. We can also introduce clients to litigation funding sources as needed.

Amini LLC
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