Who We Are

We are trial lawyers

While we actively counsel our clients on ways to resolve disputes before litigation begins, we believe that trial preparedness is the most effective means to achieve our clients’ goals. Our objective is to resolve disputes as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Our extensive trial experience, and devotion to what we do, facilitates just that. We have tried cases involving corporate and corporate ownership disputes, fiduciary breaches, contract and insurance disputes, estate and insolvency related challenges, fraudulent transfers, property damage, investment fraud, professional malpractice, indemnification, intellectual property and trade secret claims, to name a few

We deploy experienced trial teams

Our principals have decades of experience trying complex matters in the federal and state courts, and before arbitral panels. At the outset of a case, we aim to deploy the right mix of attorneys and paralegals to try the case through conclusion. That often includes a principal as team leader, an e-discovery expert, an appellate specialist or economics trained counsel. Our trial team members take a hands-on approach towards the design and implementation of a strategic plan to maximize client objectives.

Our flexible fee arrangements

Our trial teams are client-focused problem-solvers and tireless advocates who think beyond simply legal tactics when protecting client interests. Our teams design strategic plans focused on delivering superior quality and value added within clients’ stated objectives. We view the terms of our engagements as an integral element of that effort. Towards that end, we enter into multiple arrangements tailored to those plans and objectives, including hourly fee agreements, fixed fee agreements, some combination of either with a success-oriented component, and straight contingency fee agreements, in consultation with our clients. We design and align each fee agreement to our clients’ goals. We can also introduce clients to litigation funding sources as needed.

Pro Bono

Our commitment to pro bono work is a very important part of who we are. At Amini LLC, we encourage all of our staff to be involved in pro bono activities based on their expertise and interests. This includes participating in the Amini LLC teams providing pro bono legal services to individuals and groups who cannot afford quality legal representation and volunteering at non-profit organizations.

Pro Bono Legal Work

We approach our pro bono work with the same dedication, creativity, and tenacity that we apply to all our cases. We are committed to getting the best possible results for our clients and have a track record of successfully representing a variety of pro bono clients. Examples of our experience include:

  • Won the release of a prisoner in a New York State prison from nearly a quarter-century of solitary confinement in a nine by eleven foot cell, 23 hours a day, with no access to group educational, recreation, therapy or worship opportunities offered to the general population within a maximum-security prison. Amini LLC continues to represent this client for compensatory damages for his prolonged confinement
  • Achieved a victory for a client who was the target of gang violence in his native El Salvador and who fled to the United States as an unaccompanied minor to apply for special immigrant juvenile status. Amini LLC continues to represent this client as he works to secure a permanent visa
  • Representing a juvenile from Honduras seeking U.S. asylum
  • Won an employment settlement for a woman whose employer accused her of lying about the timing and severity of her cancer diagnosis
  • Represented dozens of individuals who were denied medical benefits for life threatening diseases
  • Representation of a long-term sufferer of HIV and AIDS in eviction proceedings
  • Representation of state and federal inmates seeking reduction of lengthy sentences for non-violent drug offenses
  • Representation of critics and dissident ex-members of a controversial religious community faced with a defamation lawsuit intended to silence them
  • Representation of debtors seeking the discharge of student loan debt under the Bankruptcy Code
  • Representation of several at-risk youths who have run into legal trouble
  • Representing a murderer who has been denied parole multiple times without the parole board following the right process and considering the right things
  • Won an appellate victory for a prisoner against the U.S. Department of Justice


In addition to partnering with Safe Passage Project to address the legal rights of the undocumented youths in legal limbo in the United States and Prisoners’ Legal Services to provide prisoners’ access to the courts, many people of Amini LLC are active volunteers in a wide range of non-profit organizations. These include:


  • The Jed Foundation, a non-profit that protects emotional health and prevents suicide for the nation's teens and young adults – Contribute to fundraising, advocacy campaigns, education, and outreach efforts
  • The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention – Contribute to fundraising, openly discussing and educating to bring attention to suicide prevention in order to eliminate the stigma of the topic, funding suicide prevention research, and lobbying for mental health legislation
  • National Alliance for Mental Illness – NYC Metro – Contribute to fundraising to provide resources and assistance to those struggling with their mental health and their loved ones, free of charge
  • Fortune Society, a non-profit that employs a holistic “one-stop shop” for social services to people with incarceration histories - Board membership and leadership roles
  • Habitat for Humanity, a non-profit that helps families build and improve places to call home - Participated in several events, such as cleaning neighborhoods and helping build housing


  • New York Criminal Bar Association
  • Legal Aid Society
  • Bar Association of the City of New York
  • New York Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection

Alumni Associations Memberships:

  • Yale Track Association
  • Yale Class Council


  • Taught trial strategy to attorneys for the Law Department of the City of New York
  • Taught trial strategy at Cardozo Law School
  • Moot court judging NYU Law School
  • Moot court judging at Columbia Law School
  • Served as InterimTrustee for an impoverished school district in the South Bronx after the elected Board was discharged because of proven corruption
  • Tutoring 8th grade students in English and Language Arts via Zoom through Publicolor, a stay-in school youth development program that engages disaffected students in their education
  • Tutored English lessons to Spanish-speaking communities
  • Mentored first-generation college students
  • Led orientation program for first-generation college students